Our Chief Barketing Officer, Zeke Colaluca.

Zeke Colaluca

Chief Barketing Officer

Zeke, our beloved four-legged team member, holds the prestigious title of Chief Barketing Officer (CBO) at our company. Born with an irresistible charm and an insatiable appetite for treats, Zeke is not your ordinary dog – he’s the heart and soul of our workplace.

As CBO, Zeke’s daily agenda is packed with essential duties:

Spreading Joy: Zeke excels at brightening everyone’s day with his infectious enthusiasm. He has an uncanny ability to turn a frown upside down.

Team Building: Zeke specializes in team bonding. His playful nature encourages camaraderie among our staff, fostering a more productive and positive work environment.

Brand Ambassadorship: Zeke is a living embodiment of our brand’s friendliness, loyalty, and commitment to transformation. He effortlessly personifies our company’s values.


Outside the office, Zeke has a few hobbies of his own. He’s a dedicated squirrel chaser, an avid peanut butter treat tester, and an enthusiastic tail-wagger. He loves going to the beach and hiking with his mom when she goes on trips. He’s also quite the connoisseur of belly rubs.

However, it’s not all sea adventures and peanut butter ecstasy for Zeke. When his mom takes work calls, Zeke takes it upon himself to be her unofficial office assistant. He has a knack for timing his antics perfectly, whether it’s punctuating important conversations with an impromptu bark or expertly placing his toys right in the middle of video calls. While he might not understand the nuances of conference calls, he certainly knows how to make them more entertaining.

Join Zeke on His Adventures

Follow Zeke’s adventures on our website and social media platforms. He’s always up to something exciting, whether it’s chasing his tail, discovering new dog-friendly hangouts, or simply spreading happiness.

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