Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions control your access to our website and other portals (agent or customer) provided by Monarch National Insurance Company. Please read the following Terms and Conditions before continuing to use any of these sites. By reading these terms or using our site you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions. If you do not wish to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, please exit the site. Monarch National Insurance Company has the right to modify or change these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice given to you.

This website, agent, and customer portals are owned by Monarch National Insurance Company. None of the materials included in our website or portals may be copied, reproduced, distributed, downloaded, posted, or transmitted in any form without prior written consent from Monarch National Insurance Company. Any unauthorized use of the materials used on this site may violate copyright, trademark, or privacy laws. Additionally, you agree to not create a hyperlink to our site, any individual pages, or our portals without our written consent.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy provides our promises and guarantees to protect your nonpublic personal information and will notify you how we use and collect your information. We strongly encourage all to read our Privacy Policy if you have any questions or concerns about your personal information. Should you have any questions regarding your personal information, we ask that you contact Monarch National Insurance Company directly.


As stated in our Privacy Policy, we take the secrecy of your data seriously. Please take a moment to review our Privacy Policy. It should be noted that the internet is not entirely secure and by using the internet you accept the risks that come with it. We have taken reasonable steps to secure your information, but we may not be able to prevent all interception of your information. You are solely responsible for the maintenance of your passwords to our customer or agent portal. We highly suggest your password is 6-12 characters in length at least and contains characters, upper and lower case letters, and contains no words that could be easily acquired. We also recommend you change your password frequently. It is your responsibility to do so.

We will never ask for your password. If you receive a call or an email requesting your login information, please disregard it and do not reply. If you believe your account/s is compromised, please contact Monarch National Insurance Company directly.

Prohibited Use

Please be aware that some parts of our site contain links that require authorization for entry (agent and customer portals). Any unauthorized access to these areas is strictly prohibited and may result in criminal or civil penalties. We may monitor and record attempts to gain entry or hack into these unauthorized areas and will provide this information to local law enforcement.

You may not use our site, portals, brand identity, or information to engage in any illegal activity. We prohibit the use of our brand image or information to be used in spam emails, unauthorized advertising, or other communications. Any use of our information or brand identity must first receive our written approval before being used. Our brand image, title, and other intellectual property belong solely to Monarch National Insurance Company and will remain the exclusive property of Monarch National Insurance Company.

By using our website, portals, or our services you also agree not to:

  1. Create an account for anyone other than a natural person, business, legal entity, or organization. This account must be associated with an active policy, past policy, or quote if an insured and using the customer portal. You must not create an account using a false identity or pretending to be an insured.
  2. Transfer or share your account with anyone. We reserve the right to terminate your account immediately if there is an unauthorized transfer or sharing.
  3. Abuse, harass, engage in predatory or unwelcome behavior, incite violent or criminal acts on our site, portals, our forms, or when contacting our company, etc.
  4. Rebrand, sell, broadcast, license, sublicense, or duplicate any of our information, brand identity, or materials on our website, portals, or other services.
  5. Monetize, sponsor, or sell our services without our prior written approval.
  6. Mirror our site, portals, or information.
  7. Share user, third party, or agent information without their prior written consent.
  8. Use any device, bots, etc. to gain access to our services, download contact information, send or redirect messages, or perform similar actions to our services provided.
  9. Engage in any activity that interferes with or negatively impacts our website, portals, or services. This includes any action that directly or indirectly interferes with the infrastructure of our site, portals, or services. This includes, but is not limited to, attempting, or gaining unauthorized access, transmitting computer viruses/Trojan horses/worms/any other harmful software programs to our website, portals, emails, or other services.
  10. Remove any of our copyright information.
  11. Send solicitous emails or phone calls to the contact information we provide on our website, portals, or other services.

We also prohibit our contact information from being used in bulk or spam emails. Additionally, we forbid the sending of bulk or spam emails to employees or any other Monarch or HP Managing email address. No email containing solicitations for funds, political or religious messages, informational or advertising can be sent to our mailboxes.

We reserve the right to take any legal action if any of these terms are violated. We also have the right to control access to our site, portals, etc.

Limitation of Liability

The information we include on this website, portal, or other service has been acquired by sources believed to be accurate but this is not guaranteed. The information or estimates we include are subject to change without notice.

Monarch National Insurance Company disclaims any responsibility or liability for, and shall not be subject to payment for, any damages, losses, or expenses caused by the use of this website. This may include any viruses contained in electronic files. Any addresses, links, or external information are provided for the convenience of the user and are up to the user’s discretion to use them. Monarch National Insurance Company is not responsible for the contents of other websites linked in ours and assumes no responsibility or liability for the contents of those external sites, addresses, or information.


Our website, portals, and other services along with these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and interpreted to the laws of the State of Florida.

If any provision of this agreement is unlawful, void, or unenforceable, it shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions, and the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

Monarch National Insurance Company may modify our Terms and Conditions without prior notice given to you.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or the above Terms and Conditions, please contact us directly.

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