Kerrie Ruland

VP of Growth

Kerrie Ruland serves as the Vice President of Growth at Monarch National Insurance. With over 30+ years in the insurance industry, Kerrie has found herself focused on growing the profitability of multiple insurance companies in the Florida marketplace during their formative years. With an eye on growth, she has recently joined Monarch National Insurance Company with a key goal to create a sustainable Florida property insurer. Kerrie’s approach to achieving this goal is through fostering relationships with strategic partners and developing new business alliances. Kerrie is also involved in the review, development, and implementation of the company’s overarching strategy, and monitors the competitive landscape in the industry. Currently, her team spans across Underwriting, Business Development, Sales, and Marketing.

Kerrie brings a perfect blend of both “boots on the ground” and regulatory insurance experience. From working as an Underwriter at one of Florida’s largest insurance carriers to serving as a Market Conduct Investigator for the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation, she has a unique perspective that allows her to truly see the insurance market from all levels and sides. Currently, Kerrie holds an AINS, AIS, and API insurance designations from The Institutes and is a CPCU candidate.

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