Claims Process

Whether your claim is large or small, Monarch National understands how you and your family can be affected by those damages. Our claims professionals work to ensure that you are provided with an accurate assessment of your damages and a thorough review of your policy coverages in a timely manner.

Initial Contact

Once you’ve reported your claim, a claims professional will contact you to discuss your loss. If needed, a field inspection will be scheduled to inspect your damaged property.


During the inspection, the field adjuster will document your damages, take photos, and prepare a report.

The inspecting adjuster will not make any coverage or payment determination at the inspection. The completed report will be provided to a home office examiner to be reviewed.


A home office examiner will review the inspecting adjuster’s report and make a coverage determination based on the terms of your insurance policy. The coverage or payment determination will be explained in a letter, which may include supporting documentation such as an estimate or policy language. If you have a mortgage company, be prepared that your mortgage company may be included as a co-payee on your claims payment.

What are my rights when I file a claim?

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