How to Avoid an Insurance Claim this Thanksgiving

How to avoid a Thanksgiving day homeowners claim.

What better way to spend this Thanksgiving holiday than cooking for family & friends? Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and dessert for everyone to enjoy.

The kitchen will surely be in full swing. With all of the excitement of the holiday, it’s important to still be careful and make smart decisions! Follow these tips to ensure your safety and success while cooking.

Don’t let a few silly mistakes lead to an insurance claim this Thanksgiving!


Keep Your Area Clear

With lots of guests to cook for, there will be more clutter than usual! Be sure to keep your area clear of flammable materials, such as towels, oven mitts, food wrappers, etc. Stay on top of cleaning throughout the day of cooking, instead of letting things pile up. One wrong placement and the holiday could take a turn for the worst.


Test Smoke Alarms

With a  big day of cooking ahead, be sure to test your smoke alarms to ensure they are working properly. This is an important step before things heat up in the kitchen!


Stay At Home While Your Turkey Cooks

Turkeys can take up to 5 hours to cook, so it’s tempting to run other errands while it’s in the oven. NEVER leave your turkey or other items unattended! If you have to leave your home for some time, make sure another family member or friend will be available to regularly check on the food.


Keep Children Away

Until your little ones are old enough to be cautious on their own, keep them at least 3 feet away from your oven and stove while in use!


Avoid Cooking Under the Influence

While you may want to start your day with a festive drink, it’s extremely dangerous to be cooking while under the influence. You may become clumsy and injure yourself or others, skip over important steps of your recipes, and more. Wait until the food has been served to celebrate!


Never Dump Water On A Grease Fire

If you notice a grease fire breaking out on top of your stove or in a pan, NEVER throw water on it. Instead, shut off the burners and cover the fire with a lid or larger pan to stifle it. If a fire breaks out inside your oven, turn the oven off and keep the door closed. If you are unsure if things are safely under control, leave your home and call 911.


We want you and your loved ones to enjoy your holiday giving thanks and spending quality time together. Follow these tips to ensure the safety of your home this Thanksgiving.

As always, we are here for you, Florida! Get in touch with us if you need more information. We’re here to help you soar!



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