Protecting Your Windows and Doors During Hurricane Season

Securing your fragile entrance points is an essential step of hurricane protection Windows are especially vulnerable during a storm from flying debris that could break the glass. Keep these tips in mind when preparing your doors and windows for hurricane season. 

Plywood Boards

Plywood boards are the best option for last-minute protection needs, not so much a long-term solution. For proper installation, it is necessary to know your window measurements in order to cut the boards appropriately. Make sure you have the proper tools, time, and assistance to install plywood boards before considering this option. 


Invest in Impact Windows

This method of window/door protection may be the most convenient. Impact windows replace traditional glass with impact-resistant material, leaving you confident of their strength during a storm. This option is a one-and-done installation that will save you time and stress when a bad storm is approaching. And for the cherry on top, they look identical to regular windows.  


Hurricane Shutters

There are various options of hurricane shutters, including roll-down shutters, accordion, Bahama, and colonial. This is another top-rated method of protecting your doors and windows, as it provides permanent protection after one installation. The various styles give you the ability to make the best choice for your specific home and style preferences. Hurricane shutters are usually more affordable than impact windows. 


Hurricane Fabric

This fabric is made of strong, flexible, lightweight material that is easy to install and very worth its price. It’s a great alternative to other options if you’re looking for something more economical.   


Storm Panels 

Perhaps the most affordable option, storm panels offer reliable protection since they are metal or aluminum panels. They are heavier and more difficult to install than other options, but highly worth it. Storm panels are installed before a storm hits and usually removed afterward. 


Living in Florida comes with the threats of hurricane season, but there are countless ways to prepare your home and family. Consult an expert to decide which measure of protection is best for you. While no preparation can always guarantee 100% protection, any of these methods is better than no protection at all.  




The Atlantic hurricane season begins June 1 – November 30. Though Mother Nature can be unpredictable, you don’t have to be caught off guard. Advanced preparation for a natural disaster, including having an evacuation plan and securing your property, will allow you to focus on caring for your family and loved ones before and after disaster strikes. 


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