Preparing Your Home for Hurricane Season: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you prepared for storm season? Check out our prep guide for tips!

Preparing your home for the six-month-long hurricane season is essential for protection and peace of mind. That’s why we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide to follow to prepare your home and loved ones for the stormiest season of the year.


Prepare a Plan

If a time of emergency presents itself, having a prepared plan will save you time and stress.  Create a plan to refer to amidst an emergency hurricane situation.

  • Make a list of emergency phone numbers for your area. Add them to contact lists on all family members’ phones.
  • Make a list of emergency shelters you’ve located in your area and log their phone numbers.
  • Create or purchase an emergency kit.
  • Prepare your pets. Refer to our preparation guide.

Understand Hurricane “Watch” vs. “Warning”

The two often get confused. Educate yourself on the differences to know how to react in each situation.

Hurricane Watch: Hurricane conditions are possible in specified areas with sustained winds of 74mph or higher. Conditions possible within 48 hours. Stay indoors and regularly refer to NOAA Weather Radio for updates and further instructions.

Hurricane Warning: Hurricane conditions are expected in specified areas with sustained winds of 74mph or higher. Conditions expected within 36 hours. Seek shelter and stay away from windows. Be prepared to evacuate if ordered by emergency authorities.

Prepare Your Cars

Prepare your cars for emergency use during evacuation.

  • Fill up gas tank(s).
  • Stock cars with emergency kits.
  • Keep cars in your garage or use a cover.
  • Prepare carpool plans with friends or family if a car is unavailable to you in case of evacuation.


Prepare Your Home

  • Manage your outside area including your yard, pool, outside furniture, grills, etc.
  • Keep your yard clean and store away anything that could be blown around by wind.
  • Store grills and outside furniture in a safe place of storage.
  • Prepare bottled water in case of needing to shut power off.
  • Check Carbon Monoxide detector batteries.

There are countless ways to prepare you, your loved ones, and your home for hurricane season. It’s never too soon to start.  Keep your family educated on the many resources available to you and never hesitate to reach out to our team for more resources.


We’re Here For You, Florida

Get in touch with us if you need more information. We’re here to help you soar!


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