Essential Tips for Pool Maintenance in Florida

How to maintain your Florida pool.

The beauty of Florida is that it’s swimming weather all year round! Luckily, there is no “winterization” process for pool owners in the Sunshine State. However, keeping up with necessary maintenance is no simple responsibility. Here are some maintenance tips to keep your pool intact all year.



1. Maintain a High Water Level


In the Florida heat, it’s important to keep your water level quite high throughout the year. Levels should be high enough for your pumps to still work but not completely full to the top. The pool’s water level can decrease from excessive heat and evaporation, so it’s important to keep it high enough. There are exceptions for this in the case of a drought or other water restrictions.



2. Protect Your Heaters

Gas heaters or Heat pumps are popular in Florida to use when the weather gets a bit cooler. Heaters need to be protected as a form of storm-proofing throughout the year. Metal staining can occur from water circulation through the heater’s components.


3. Remove Debris Often

As another storm-proofing maintenance tip, it’s important to frequently remove debris from your pool with a hand-held net and an automatic vacuum. This improves your pool’s circulatory system and prevents debris from becoming projectiles in windy storm conditions.


4. Circulate Your Pool Daily

While you don’t want your pump to be running 24/7 due to overheating risks, it’s necessary to run it daily to keep your circulation system healthy. Running it for just a few hours a day can ensure your circulation system is operating smoothly.


5. Maintain Chemical Levels

Testing your pool water frequently can ensure that the water remains at the proper chemical levels. Pool water should be at a pH between 7.2 and 7.6 and chlorine levels of 1-3 ppm. Make sure not to shock your pool in the prime heat of the day. The intensity of the sun’s rays can disrupt the effectiveness of the chlorine.



Always check your manufacturer’s manual for detailed guidelines of maintenance and call your local pool experts for questions about your pool care.


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