Why Choose An Insurance Career?

why you should choose an insurance career

“I never planned on an insurance career, but now I’m here and I’ll never leave!” There’s a running joke in the insurance industry and that is that very few people saw themselves working in insurance. When you picture insurance, you may think of a stuffy environment, people in suits, and people talking nonsensical insurance language. That couldn’t be further from the truth. What you find at an insurance company is an environment of diverse people from different backgrounds and endless possibilities for growth. February is Insurance Careers Month, and we’re dedicated to providing you the education you need about why this industry can set you up for a great career.

For those of you still scratching your heads wondering, why does anyone ever pursue a career in insurance? Here are just some reasons:

  • Insurance will always be here. When you buy a home, your mortgage company wants you to have homeowners’ insurance. Not only that, but you need car insurance for your car. Insurance is here to protect you from the unexpected and ensure you can get back on your feet quicker. Working in some place that does some good and is always needed – means you can give people peace of mind while also having some yourself.
  • Insurance is Massive & Growing. According to Insurance Business Magazine, insurance carriers currently employ about 1.56 million people in the United States alone. You’ve seen the commercials. There’s an endless amount of insurance companies, and they offer everything from life to auto to homeowners. Which means there are several employment opportunities.
  • Insurance is More Than Meets the Eye & There’s Something for Everyone. As stated before, insurance is more than what initially comes to mind. Although there are still careers in claims and underwriting, there are also roles in marketing, sales, human resources, and data analytics. No matter your background or expertise, there is something for you in insurance and more importantly, there are lots of avenues to go down and grow.

At Monarch Insurance, we believe in Transforming the Florida homeowner’s insurance market. We do that by bringing in exceptional talent who are movers and shakers. They come from various companies, bring different abilities to the table, and are not afraid of evolving with us. We are proud of our employees and hope you consider an insurance career as well. The truth about an insurance career is that it can truly take you places and help you soar.

Here’s to everyone who works in insurance! See how you can join us.


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